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Counselling or Psychotherapy?

A lighter, supportive approach v. a deeper more searching approach

People vary in what they want in terms of the depth, breadth and concentration of therapy, from light support to deeper more intensive work. And though there is no real agreement about the terms, counselling tends to imply a lighter approach and psychotherapy a deeper one.

However some organisations (e.g. the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) tend to minimise their difference and use the term “therapy” to mean both or either, a convention I also adopt.

Some people make better use of a lighter approach and find the word counselling less anxiety provoking whilst others feel they want to deal with deeply rooted issues in themselves and need to depend upon their therapist for steady support over a longer period of change - and find the term psychotherapy seems to fit better.

Nevertheless, the reason I use the term “therapy” for both is that some clients who originally intend a shorter-term approach go on to work for a longer period as the material they are working on is so rich and fruitful for them. Similarly, some who had thought therapy would require long-term difficult work to make any worthwhile difference discover they have benefitted greatly in a relatively short time and are eager to try things out on their own.

Psychotherapists generally are required to have a longer, more extensive training. My training allows me to use either term. Whatever the term, what matters is that the client feels they are making satisfying progress for themselves.


Psychotherapy has traditionally put an emphasis on how we have been formed by our past.  Coaching concentrates on what we would like to accomplish in the future. Psychotherapy has too often been limited by its retrospective focus and coaching by not being able to deal with the blocks to moving forward caused by our developmental hitches yet to be dissolved.

In reality people become happy and free, and fulfil their potential when they do not have to shut the door on the past, are able to enjoy the present moment and reap the satisfaction of working towards their dreams and goals.

Much of my work is with people who want to focus on their life goals and with business people on their executive goals.  The far-reaching progress such people make is largely due to our being able to address the persons's past, present and future - not just one of these - in a proper integrative approach to therapy.

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