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Individual Therapy

Therapy is a partnership between client and therapist whose purpose is to bring about positive, meaningful change for the client in areas where they need it. From the very first session the aim is that you will feel safe, understood and accepted - and hopeful about our work together ahead. We will work to raise your horizons and build your confidence in being able to change and grow from whatever stuck place you find yourself in.

Change From The Inside Out

Therapy is a process which gravitates to the unique centre of each person, meaning that we come to see something about you which has perhaps never been seen before, and which is yours alone - no other individual has a centre quite like yours. When we recognise and nurture your own particular self in therapy, you start to become secure in your own worth. As a result you begin to make healthy changes in your life which are in harmony with your particular personality and circumstances. This is profound change from the inside out.

How We Begin

From the beginning we are interested in anything about you which you bring: for example, what is particularly troubling you, where are you now, what has your life journey been so far, what would you like for yourself in the future. Gradually a picture builds from the impressions and information revealed in the sessions. From this picture what needs to grow and develop in you, and how, becomes clear.

Beyond the Beginning

Starting in therapy often brings an early feeling of relief from despair, but this is just the beginning - we must now continue a while in our partnership to allow your particular potentials, which we have glimpsed, to steadily emerge and transform your life. This requires steadiness and patience but the on-going progress you experience in your life gives satisfaction and purpose to the endeavour.

An Integrative Way of Working

There are many ways of working to foster relief, cultivate skill in living, provide meaning, and promote peace in a person’s life. As an integrative and transpersonal therapist (see My Approach), I combine various traditions to work with the person depending upon their particular unfolding process.

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