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My Approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy

There are many approaches to counselling and psychotherapy (click here to read about these) and some practitioners specialise in one of these. However some, myself included, find they are not satisfied with one way but need to integrate many different approaches in order to do justice to their clients. Such therapists are likely to refer to themselves as integrative therapists.

The Integrative Transpersonal Approach

My basic approach is an Integrative Transpersonal one – a way of working where we may use elements from one or more different models during the course of the therapy, but where we ultimately depend upon something beyond any particular approach, which essentially defies ordinary description, and is often referred to as spiritual (as distinct from religious).

This “something” reflects the essential spiritual nature of the person which, through therapy, they can come to experience, be enhanced by and find wholeness in.

Transpersonal therapy puts a different frame on your difficulties and pain. Once we realise that pain has a purpose as well as a cause, that it is a crucial motor which provides impetus to our life journey, we experience pain differently. Although we cannot have a life without pain, we can seek to transform it into the pain of growth and development.


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In my experience of working as an integrative transpersonal therapist since 1995, there are some common elements of any individual’s life which, when brought to light and examined within the therapy setting, play an important part in the alleviation of the client’s suffering and result in an awakening which enables the individual, in partnership with the therapist, to discern the way towards a satisfying and fulfilling future.

These elements are:

Your Story of Your Life Journey

It comes as a great relief to realise that our lives make sense and are not the chaotic unmanageable mess we often believe them to be! We can think of life as having several stages - infancy, teenage, early mid and late adulthood - and within each stage there are chapters where we are engaged or preoccupied with certain purposes, challenges and conundrums. These stages and chapters make up the story of our lives so far. When, through therapy, we can see and hold this story, we come to see that there is a coherent sequence, the parts of which form a whole much greater than the sum.

This “whole” is one aspect of the transpersonal lens through which our life makes sense – even more, it turns out to be a unique, extraordinary work of art, which impacts upon the lives of others and, from a certain perspective, has eternal significance.

The Drama of Family

For many of us, it is liberating to realise that the drama of our own life began with the lives of our parents, our grandparents, or even earlier. Sometimes we can see the consequences of past events or actions flowing down from generation to generation, determining in large measure the role we had no option but to adopt. Often we can identify certain “wounds” we acquired when our needs could not be met in the drama of our family of origin. Understanding this, and the adaptations we had to make in order to survive, helps us to understand (and forgive) ourselves and others.

It provides us with another aspect of the transpersonal lens through which we are able to look at our family realistically, neither uncritically positively nor uncritically negatively. We may have been abandoned, abused or traumatised – but whatever happened or didn’t happen, it is a healing process to be able to piece together the rich story of our early forming.

Mourning and The Return of Feelings

Telling our story within the therapy setting enables us to feel the feelings we weren’t allowed to have at the time and mourn our losses. This process, in time, leads to our feelings and memories becoming less painful - we no longer need to split them off and in fact we discover that they fill us with life – we feel alive!



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