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Therapy Via Skype or Telephone

Although most people prefer to meet face-to-face with their therapist, having therapy sessions in your own environment, seeing and hearing through your computer, is a very effective medium for many. Not every one finds this workable but for some it is their preferred method. There are also those who wouldn’t be able to have therapy at all were it not for this medium: people whose life-style (often work) requires them to travel extensively; or people who simply do not have the time to spend on even a moderate journey to their therapist’s premises and back.

I have worked in this way for about 12 years, both with people who live close to my practice and those who are much further away for example in another country.

I use the word “Skype” to mean a live video link, although for security reasons I tend to use another provider, VSee, who provide guarantees regarding cyber- security and which I have found to be a more stable platform.

Some people prefer to work on the telephone rather than by Skype or face-to-face and some people make use of a combination of Skype/telephone and face-to-face. My aim is always to provide a flexible service which enables the client to benefit from therapy in a way which fits in with their life-style.

As with face-to-face sessions, all such sessions are done by appointment only. Skype and Telephone sessions are paid for in advance prior to the sessions.

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